Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Natures Best Vitamin C Serum Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. MY opinion is always my opinion and receiving a product does not sway how I feel about a product, you can always expect brutal honesty from me!

  Hello my beautiful blogosphere friends today I have another review for you and I am super excited about this one. I have been wanting to get into serums to enhance my beauty routine and I did not know where to start! So when I got the opportunity to review this Natures Best Vitamin C Serum I was all over it! I've heard a lot of great things about using Vitamin C on your face so of course I wanted to check it out for myself!

Product Claims

Are You Looking Older than You Feel? Natures Best Vitamin C Serum is Clinically Proven and tested to:
- Works for all skin types, dry, oily, sensitive as its made from Pure Natural Organic Ingredients.
- Reduces acne by removing toxins & creating collagen for firmer, plumper, healthier skin.
- Minimizes Redness of scars and acne by lightening pigment showing a more youthful you.
- is the perfect consistency for applying, not to watery.
Amazing Benefits to Your Skin are:
- Instantly gain a smoother complexion and tighter skin for a more radiant beautiful you.
- Antioxidants reduce skin damage caused by years of aging, uv rays & pollution.
- Reverses the effects of aging, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
- Stimulate the synthesis of collagen making your skin look years younger, firmer, & more vibrant.
If Dramatic Results are What you are Looking for, We have the Product for You
Our product is truly the best on the market, with the highest quality Ingredients, most potent & effective serum that is clinically proven to reverse the signs of aging.

My Thoughts

Lets start by addressing some of the product claims! I have pretty normal skin so I can not attest to all skin types, I am also not very acne prone either. However my skin has definitely been firmer and healthier looking since I have been using the Natures Best Vitamin C Serum!  I also agree that the consistency is great for applying to my face without running thru my fingers and wasting all that awesome goodness! I do not have many fine lines, though I can see a few a long my forehead as well as around my mouth/nose and eyes, but they are ever so slight! I'll show you a picture and I think that the lines around my mouth/nose are for real smaller less noticeable. Tell me what you think!  I definitely think that my skin looks better, I don't know that I would say younger but a lot better for sure!
 Ok here is my before and after! I could not get the lighting exactly the same but I think that you can get the jist! Please keep in mind that these are no makeup no filter photos!
 I would also like to point out that the after shot was taken after a very long day of gardening, yard work, and bathroom remodeling, so yes I'm ratchet!
I also see a definite reduction in redness as well as well as a brightening effect! The packaging of this product is simple but perfect! It looks pretty on my vanity and is super easy to use! The dropper is perfect and helps you decide exactly how much product you would like to dispense!

 Here you can see the packaging as well as the dropper that you use to dispense the product onto your fingers so that you can gently apply it to your skin! I put it all over my face as well as my neck and decollete as per the instructions on the bottle!
Now lets address the ingredients and then my conclusion.

So hard to focus words!
I can pronounce ALMOST everything in this product and that makes me happy as most of the time you can't pronounce anything but water in products! The bottle also says that it is 98% Naturally Derived, 72% Organic, Cruelty Free, and has the certified Organic Seal on it!



I am loving this product and so happy that I was able to try it out! I will keep using it until it is gone for sure, and may even repurchase! I can not wait to see the results that I will have after more than a month of use, so excited! Maybe I will look like a 16 year-old, lol one can hope right! As far as I can tell this product does everything that it claims to do, and I just love when companies are honest with what their products can do. However just like any other product, your results will vary as no product is a miracle in a jar that will wipe away all of your flaws. I mean come on lets be reasonable here, lol!

Retail price for this Natures Best Vitamin C Serum on Amazon is $97.95, which I find to be super pricy for 1oz of anything! But at the time that I am writing this review if you click on any of the links that I have included on this post it will take you right to the sellers of this product on amazon and they have it listed for $22.95! That is a fantastic deal, and this is the true seller that I was sent this product from so you can be assured that you will be getting the same product that I received to review!

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Here is a video review so that you can see the texture and consistency of these product as well as some little tid bits of information!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beauty Swap with Maria

**Warning Pic Heavy Post**

I have been so excited about this for months now! Maria over at Agapelovegirl and I decided to do a swap and although we did set the spending kinda high we set our shipping date out quite a bit so that we had the time to shop! It was so fun shopping for Maria and I was so excited when I finally sent my package to her! This was my first ever swap and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect, and if you do not already know Maria is a sweet girl and she deserves the love. If you want to see what I got Maria here is her unboxing of what I got her!

Ok now here is what this beautiful women sent me! Though I really do suggest that you go watch my unboxing video, because my reactions are hilarious! I will link to it here and then embed it at the end of this post for your convince! My Unboxing of Maria's box!

Let's dive right into it! Her packaging was perfect my beautiful box was sealed with lip duct tape, so cute and all the products inside were wrapped in pink and green tissue paper. I think this was so funny cause I used the same pink and green tissue paper to wrap her goodies as well.
Isn't it pretty!
And my card!
Ok now onto the goodies!!!!

Love this statement necklace!

Yes this will happen, just have to talk the hubby into doing it with me!


Pink CAMO nails! The LIVING END!!

No more tired eyes? I hope!

Turns a lovely coral on my lips. so pretty!

Wow that is super black!

Hope this works I am out of my porefessional

My fav Flaunt plus 2 more beauties!

Super excited about these

This glitter is pretty opaque in just 1 coat!

I think that is everything, there were so many pictures to take I hope I didnt miss anything, but if I did you can defiantly see it in my unboxing. You really should check it out I was laughing like crazy when I was editing it!

I want to thank Maria again the box that she sent me was obsolute perfection and I love everything! If you want to see Maria unbox what I sent here Check it out here, and don't forget to subscribe to her and my channel why you are checking out the videos.

And here is my unboxing video! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. , but my opinion is my own and I am always honest when reviewing anything no matter where I received it from!

Hello my beauty besties! Today I have a review for you that I am really sort of excited about! My husband and I share one sink in out bathroom and I can not stand when he leaves his whiskers in it! ;p
Plus it is better to shave with the steam of a hot shower anyway, it helps open the follicles and get a closer shave! So when I was asked to review the NEWLY DESIGNED! Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror I was all for it!

 Product Claims

Achieve A Flawless Shave Every Time   Why Shave In The Shower?

Warm and Clean
Instead of letting your razor sit on the sink, keep your razor both clean and warm under the hot spray of the shower.
Plus, no more messy sinks = Bonus points with the ladies.

Razor Burn Be Gone!
It's itchy, it stings and it leaves unsightly bumps that leave you feeling self-conscious. The steam from a nice hot shower softens hair and skin, while also opening up the pores for a closer shave, helping you say "Goodbye!" to razor burn

Continuous Hydration
It may not be seen as "manly" to worry about keeping your skin moist, but moist skin helps you get the most effective shave every time. Because really, who wants to look like they haven't shaved in days after waking up early to have time for a clean shave?

Modern Facial Contour Design
Our improved design was voted on by thousands of customers. The new Fogless Mirror has added width and height to match the shape of your face and neckline, making the best use of space in any shower

Included With The Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror
1 Stainless Steel Mirror Wall Mount
1 Stainless Steel Shaving Razor Wall Mount
1 Shatter-Proof Fogless Shower Mirror

How To Use The Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror
Simply place the stainless steel wall mounts where they are most convenient in your shower, affix your shower mirror and personal razor. And you are ready to shave!

Our Anti-Fog Nanotechnology repels fog and allows you to focus on getting your best shave possible... every time. :) 

My Thoughts

 Now I have purchased fogless mirrors in the past, but they were bulky in a plastic casing and also notorious for distorting the reflection like a fun-house mirror!
This mirror has a very sleek design with a low profile, it also comes with a handy razor mount, that I think is very nice! The adhesive that comes with the mirror and the razor mount is very sturdy and was extremely easy to install!The reflection is also perfect not fun-house mirror here! I use it when I am washing my face in the shower. I don't know what it is but I do not like washing my face when I can't see my face, so this Shower Mirror is perfect for me!
I also encouraged my husband to use it when he was shaving telling him all the benefits that comes with using shower mirrors for shaving. I also mentioned how much I would love to have a sink without his whiskers all over it all the time, because he can be worse than a child when it comes to cleaning up after himself. He loved how his face felt after shaving in the shower and told me that he felt that the shave was defiantly closer and also lasted longer. I suppose I should also mention that it does not fog up! LOL The perfect mirror for in the shower!
Here it is hanging in my shower


I think that this is a great product that does exactly what it says it does. No false claims that I can see here! I love the sleek design and sturdy hook, and I think the fact that it comes with a mount for your razor is great. Many companies would have that as a separate purchase but it comes with every Cassani Shower Mirror!
Retail price from the Cassani Amazon shop is $26.99, and I think that this mirror is defiantly worth that, but as of this posting if you click any of the links in this post the sale price is $14.99 which is an even better deal for a great Shower Mirror!

Thanks for stopping by it means a lot that you all take a little time out of your day to spend with me! I have a lot more coming up both here on the blog as well as on my youtube channel!
Happy Showering!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How I Store my Dual Ended Brushes

Let's be totally honest, storing those dual ended brushes can be a real pain, but it is hard not to have them. I have found some GREAT quality brushes that are dual ended and just had to buy them, they are also very handy when traveling.

I will try to explain how I store them here, but if you are more visual I will embedded my youtube video that shows exactly what I did. If this setup does not work for you it may help inspire an idea that will work for you.
So lets get started!

As I said dual ended brushed can be very handy, but super hard to store, because you can not store them standing up in a pretty glass like you can your other brushes. It would ruin the shape of the brush that is in the glass head down, plus you don't just want them rolling around your counter or a drawer.

 I have a mirror mounted on my wall with mirror mounts and what I did was take 2 bobby pins and bent up the side with the grippies (is that a word, oh well I just made it one) on them, leaving the flat side straight! Then I slide the flat straight side between my wall and the mirror far enough apart to sit the brushes across the bobby pins. I can put twp bushes on each set without a problem! I have 2 different sets up at the moment that holds 4 brushes. Does that make sense? If not here are a few picks and a youtube video. The video goes into more detail and should help clear up anything that may have been murky here. lol!

And here is the youtube video for those of you that are more visual or for those that can not decrypt my awful written explanation, lol! I would appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel! Thanks again!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Base Transforms Shadows ~ 1

New Series Alert!!!!

In this new series I will be taking 4 or so shadows and 2 different bases and showing you how a base can transform a shadow. 

So first off I am showing you my 2 favorite bases for the Naked 3 palette, I choose the 4 pinkest shadows for today's  post, because well I love these shadows. We will be working with Dust, Burnout, Limit, & Buzz

The two bases are be my favorites for this palette are..... 
Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk and Inked in Pink

  I have found that if you want the color to show truest you need to use a white base, but if you want to transform the shades then use different colored bases, this way you can get a plethora of colors from one shadow. 

So lets get into today's base demo, first I am going to show you how the shadows look without a base or primer. *Tip I use both a primer & a base when applying to my eyes*

 As you can see the shadows are beautiful & quite pigmented! if you want them to really pop as their true color put them on a white base, but that's not what we are here for today. Today we are morphing the colors that we have into new and exciting colors. 

So, when I want these 4 shades from my Naked 3 palette to show up very pink and pretty I use the Inked in Pink 
Like I said using the true baby pink makes the pink undertones of these shadows even more pink while the metallic nature of the base makes them shine even more. You can see that even limit which is somewhat of a matte shade has a hint of a glint.

Now let's transform them.....
Using the Pomegranate Punk, which is a much deeper more purply shade morphs these shades into a much more sultry look. Each shade is just a little different and much darker and deeper than before. I love using this base when I want to smoke out my Naked 3 looks. I also love how deep it makes buzz look <3 font="" nbsp="">

And one more hint, don't beafraid to play, there is no reason that you have to use a pink base with pink shades, think out of the box. Use black, taupe, or even blue as a base for your pink shadows. You will be amazed at how many looks one palette can grant you when you change up the bases you pair them with! 

I'll be showing you my favorite way to combine these 2 bases and my Naked 3 in an upcoming look soon. I think you will love it. Anyway, that's it for me. Signing off to have a cuppa tea and do a little social media pursing.